Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DA 50 update

Diamond air recently posted more information about the DA50 SuperStar on their website, it is even possible to reserve one ! I won't recopy all of the information here, but I just want to highlight some points.

Unlike the DA40 and DA42, the DA50 will have a dual G1000, with two PFDs and one central MFD. This is possible because Diamond moved the circuits breakers on the ceiling.

The engine will be a 350 HP turbo continental, controlled by a FADEC. The prop is not yet defined, and could be 3 or 4 blades. It won't be pressurized, but offers built-in oxygen, and TKS de-icing as well as a parachute are optional.

They announce a speed of 200+ kts in the low flight levels, which seems credible, depending the definition of "low", but the PA46 familly has the same performance, with pressurization.

DA50 is a five seater, but Diamond call it 4+1, as the 5th seat is between the two normal back-seats, which is the way the automtive industry is doing for years, so one more time Diamond re-use automotive ideas.

Begin a modern aircraft, the DA50 will include some goodies, like an MP3 player, and other gadgets.