Wednesday, August 8, 2007

AOPA: Technologically Advanced Aircrafts safer !

In a recent report, the AOPA Safety Foundation (ASF) examined statistically the kind and rates of accicents of Technologically Advanced Aircrafts (TAA), and compared them to the rest of the General Aviation fleet.

This report is available online, and I strongly recommend to any TAA interested pilot to study it. It highlights many interesting factors. The TAA appears to be safer, but the kind of accidents occuring the mosts are different from classical aircrafts.

One typical factor is that TAA have more weather related accidents than classically equiped aicrafts. This is quite surprising given all the weather infos that modern MFD can display. I guess (and this is a personal opinion) that because weather is depicted with more detail, pilots are more inclined to put themselves in challenging situations than with low information.

Once in a critical weather however, even the best MFD won't help you getting out of it. At most, it will tell the pilots that he is in crazy weather where he should never even think of going.

Before you jump in and read this report don't forget one thing. The total time flown by TAA's is still ridiculously low compared to the rest of the fleet, so it is not sure now that the trends shown will be stable or confirmed over time.

It is neverthelss a very interesting piece of information, and again I advise any TAA interested pilot to read it.