Friday, July 27, 2007

A new plastic engine

Diamond Aircraft recently announced together with a german / austrian company called MBtech the test of a new diesel engine in a DA40. This new engine develops 170hp, whereas the currently used Thielert engine develops 135hp.

This could result in serious improvements of the DA40 performance, if this engine is selected. We must now watch Diamond Aircraft, as several options are possible now, especially as Thielert decided to stop production of their 1.7 liters TDI engine in favor of the new 2.0 liters version.

I would like a personnal note here about Diamond CEO, Christian Dries. This guy is not only running Diamond, but also doing all of their maiden flights (DA50 maiden flight link), together with the managing test pilot Sören Pedersen.

This says a lot about the company spirit by Diamond, and I personally like it. It is not just one more MBA holder (with all respect that MBA holders deserve) running it just as any other company...