Monday, July 30, 2007

New Cirrus fun

CirrusDesign annouced on the 23rd of July the extension of their product line with the SRS (SR-Sport). This new aircraft will fit in the FAA new category of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Note that there is nothing equivalent to that under JARs...

Basically this will be a light aircraft, with modern engine (single lever), and avionics, limited to 120kts because of its LSA certification. It will include many of the other Cirrus typical features, including the chute.

Someting I like about it is that it will have removable wings, and it will be possible to have it in a trailer ! I always thought that the gliders guys I frequently see on the motorway are lucky to have their planes with. If this becomes possible with a powered plane, it could be deadly attractive. Just drive to your holliday spot, and then have fun arround ! This also removes the risk of jeopardizing the hollidays if flying to the spot is not possible !
So that's one more plane I put on my "to-be-flown" list, if anyone get's one, let me know !

More info from Cirrus in their press release.