Saturday, April 21, 2007

Be selfish - few words about me

Before going any further, just a few words about my own flying experience, so you will know why to trust me... or not.

I started flying privately in 2001, on classical single engine pistons. I moved up to complex SEP, flying VFR and IFR on Bonanza and Saratoga (PA32R-301) in Switzerland (by the way, I'm not a native english speaker, sorry for any english mistakes in these pages). My first IFR ticket was issued in mid 2005. All of this was done on non-plastic planes. Presently, I totalize about 300 hours, of which about 75 under IFR.

The plastic experience begun on 21st of January 2006, when I had to change my homebase because of local restrictions affecting private operations.

The club in my new homebase has amongst its fleet two Diamond Star TDI (DA40D), so plastic planes with plastic engine, but classical instruments. As I had to change, I elected to also enter the plastic age. Now after a bit more that one year of plastic flying, including IR(A) renewal on a full plastic plane (DA40D with G1000), I decided to start this blog to share my plastic experience.